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The Best of DBS This Week: August 20-24

f you aren’t following  on Facebook, Twitter or even the  blog, — seriously, you should be! — here’s what you missed.


– RT from @MarkRaganCEO : “How to write one press release for multiple audiences #PR”

– One of the most popular tweets this week was about the 2012 London Olympics logo. Who else hated it? I like the logo for Rio 2016 much better!

– I determined that “public relations is not for the faint of heart. It requires some serious thick skin, compassion and quick thinking.” Agree? What other qualities are useful?

– RT from @HubSpot: “Have you created an ebook from your stellar blog content yet? –” I think this is such a great idea. Consolidate your best work on a given topic into one great, useful resource.


– Thanks to everyone who has “liked” the new  Facebook page. I apprciate all the love. Please share with friends, family and colleagues and anyone else you think would enjoy it.

– “For companies to provide a consistent experience on their website, they must stop organizing marketing into functional silos like web, email, and social media, and instead embrace the fact that the customer journey weaves its way in and out of all of them.”


Trends are everywhere. They also pertain to the world of branding. So I looked around for some current trends.


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Branding trends courtesy of the good folks over at

rends change every day… and quite possibly several times a day. The second you catch onto one idea, another one has already manifested itself. So how can a business possibly stay on top of the trends? Well, in my opinion, they shouldn’t. Well, ok, a business should be aware of their surroundings and what other businesses – especially competition – are doing. It gives them a competitive advantage. And businesses should definitely stay updated and modern, rather than dated and obsolete. However, a business has to be dynamic and creative; and innovative and trend-setting in its own right…not because someone else is doing it. The things that sets a business apart are its unique qualities; characteristics that no one else has.

That being said, here is what some businesses are doing with their logos. If you want color inspiration, this is for you!
Business Color Trends from

Did you have a favorite? I think I love everything about the “Delicious” logo – from color scheme to font. For me the colors speak volumes about the brand, which is what you want. Can’t you almost taste how ‘delicious’ the company is? Drew Melton knew exactly what he was doing!

If you’re proud of your logo and what it says about your brand, share it here in the “comments” section. I’ll share my favorites on my  board on Pinterest.

Note: By sharing your logo, you are giving DBS the permission to use it on other social media platforms including, but not limited to Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

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The Best of DBS This Week: August 6-10

n case you missed anything, here is a compilation of the best of DBS this week.


-10 million Facebook posts are added every 20 minutes. How to make your voice heard through the distortion.

-The wise and ever relevant Albert Einstein supplied some wisdom:

“Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.” -Albert Einstein

-Entrepreneur Magazine lent some inspiration for time management.


Oreo capitalizes on current events to celebrate the iconic brand’s 100th birthday.

Branded blog:

-The  blog featured a poll on fangelism (brand advocacy.

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Brand advocates share what is most important

ust a quick poll for today.


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