The Best of DBS This Week: August 20-24

f you aren’t following  on Facebook, Twitter or even the  blog, — seriously, you should be! — here’s what you missed.


– RT from @MarkRaganCEO : “How to write one press release for multiple audiences #PR”

– One of the most popular tweets this week was about the 2012 London Olympics logo. Who else hated it? I like the logo for Rio 2016 much better!

– I determined that “public relations is not for the faint of heart. It requires some serious thick skin, compassion and quick thinking.” Agree? What other qualities are useful?

– RT from @HubSpot: “Have you created an ebook from your stellar blog content yet? –” I think this is such a great idea. Consolidate your best work on a given topic into one great, useful resource.


– Thanks to everyone who has “liked” the new  Facebook page. I apprciate all the love. Please share with friends, family and colleagues and anyone else you think would enjoy it.

– “For companies to provide a consistent experience on their website, they must stop organizing marketing into functional silos like web, email, and social media, and instead embrace the fact that the customer journey weaves its way in and out of all of them.”


Trends are everywhere. They also pertain to the world of branding. So I looked around for some current trends.


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