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Have we lost the ability to think strategically?

ersonal branding is important in the modern world. As a millennial myself, it’s my responsibility to make some sort of name for myself. Some sort of stamp on my generation. That’s a huge responsibility if you ask me. One way to change people’s thinking about my generation is to think. Think before speaking. Think before doing. Just think. Imagine if we all just stopped for a moment and thought. [Insert thinking here.]

I subscribe to Ragan Communications’ PR Daily emails (which are awesome, by the way) and this one came in a few weeks ago. I just felt like I should share the content.

5 ways millennials can become better strategic thinkers
1. Consider mistakes to be opportunities rather than failures. This is ‘glass half-full stuff’, people.

2. Avoid information overload by stepping away from technology. It’s ok to not know everything immediately. Think for yourself for a change. Don’t form an “opinion” because it’s what you heard on the news, or worse, from a celebrity! (That’s one way to dumb down the generation.) Learn the facts and formulate your opinion from them. 

3. A common criticism of our generation is that we act as though we’re entitled. Entitled to things. Entitled to success. This bugs me like crazy. We AREN’T entitled to anything. Whatever happened to hard work? We DON’T know everything – we have a lot to learn. Time to step off the high horses. Step back and learn from someone instead of assuming you’re the best. 

4. Experiment. “You never know what kind of innovative ideas might come from an unexpected place.” I love this idea of cross-pollinating your interests! Work and play don’t always have to be separate. 

5. There is an old Indian proverb that goes: “Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.” The power a story has is amazing. Learn to be a good storyteller by telling human stories. 

Ok… glad I got that off my chest…

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